Why is this guy all of a sudden ignoring me after he said he liked me?

So I had a crush on this guy. He asked for my number at a horse show and I gave it to him. So with that we were texting non stop and he confessed he liked me and I told him I liked him back. So then he started texting me on the weekends saying he missed me, etc etc.. Told me I was adorable, cute, and gorgeous. Then all of the sudden he started ignoring me? I'm so confused of what happened:/ he will sometime come up to me in class and flirt. But that's it. And after he started ignoring me the first few times I stop trying to text him so I don't annoy him. But then we go to a horse show and he ignored me until the last hour of it and he got a horse out to impress me (I'm a horse shower) and he asked me to race him so I did. The next day he texts me for a week and then he starts ignoring me again. Every so often he will send a snap to me and then I'll reply and he will ignore me again? Can anyone explain why he does this? It's tearing me apart.-.


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  • He's just playing games and is most likely talking to other girls. If he liked you as much as he says he does he wouldn't drop off the face of the earth every now and then.

    • I know
      .-. He used to be a good friend of mine in middle school it just seems odd that he would do that to someone :/ anyways he's pretty much has been a dick to me lately. He keeps giving me false hope

    • Just forget him, he's immature. Don't pay him any attention and if you run into him just be normal. Pretend it never happened.


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  • I have no idea, it's probably for reasons personal to him. There's not much of a way we could tell

  • he want you to know that he is not clingy or something...


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