How worth it is it to date someone at work or in your class?

So I have thought about this a lot and from personal experience I don't date people that I work with to the point I will see them everyday. So that means girls in the same department as me or girls in certain classes. Also, I don't think it is a good idea for me to date girls in some of my lab classes because if they get mad at me... I don't want their anger to affect my lab grade!

Anyways what are other folks opinion on dating (in this area)?

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  • My boyfriend and I work together, it works for some people and doesn't work for others. We work in different departments so I don't see him everyday. If you really like someone, I don't see why working with them would be a deal breaker. Just keep it private because sometimes employees like to gossip


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  • I think you shouldn't because what if you stop seeing this girl. Then it will be awkward to see her.

  • i am dating a guy in my band, and he is also in my section. i think if you do really like her go for it, but make sure before that you r both on the same page and still live ur every day life:)


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  • This has trouble written all over it. I wouldn't do it.