Girls, any first date tips?

So, after crushing on this girl for months, I finally took the chance and asked her out and she said yes! We're going out next week and I was wondering what do I do once we meet? Obviously a hand shake is way too casual... I don't know her really well, so I honestly have no idea... Hug? Kiss on the hand? lol Don't know if people still do this... Don't want it to be weird or awkward. Please advise? Also, any tips are welcomed. Thanks! :)


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  • I hate when guys (not in a work situation) try to give me a handshake. I would go for a hug when you first meet. If you don't kiss at the end, then I would end with a hug too. Kiss on the hand seems a bit old fashioned to me but it is quite sweet too. Maybe if you were already holding hands you could do something like that.
    Try to keep the convo light hearted, maybe tease her a bit but not about anything bad. Maybe be a bit touchy with her but not overly so, just like touchy her arm a bit or something. I tend to like guys more if they do this a bit with me, even if I don't find them attractive, I don't know why.
    Be yourself and have fun! :)


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  • A hug if she seems friendly and is showing an open body language. Handshake is too formal and kissing on the hand is eh.. kind of weird. But if you're not comfortable with the hug don't do it because one can sense the nervous energy and the hug can be awkward.

  • Give her a hug, hugs are nice and don't really mean much. E. g you can hug your wife, your nan, your brother but you would love them all in different ways. Just see what she goes for as a greeting and take her lead.


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