I have a date tonight and I'm really nervous. Can you give me any advice please?

I have a date tonight and I'm really nervous. Can you give me any advice please


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  • Try to relax and smile a lot, not to the point of being creepy. I'm going to go old fashioned and say be a gentleman. Don't put tons of pressure on her. And don't go negative on subjects that you're discussing. Focus on her. Whatever you do, don't answer calls, check texts etc.
    good luck and have fun!

    • But this girl on here says im ugly so im feeling self conscious right now

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    • I'm so sorry to hear that! I was really hoping you'd have a great night. I guess it's better to find out earlier than later that two people don't mesh. Don't be discouraged, that's one girl in millions and you seem like a nice guy!

    • Being a nice guy has women think im weak and not sexual..


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  • Relax she could have said no alredy, but she didnt.
    Be your self, be kind, dress to suit were your going.
    And relax

  • Just be yourself! Don't be nervous, you got to where you are now for a reason! She must like you, and you of course like her. Just try to have a good time, try not to be gross, and you got this!


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  • Remember your objective: to learn more about her to see if she's worth being a relationship with.

    QueenOfStuff said to "dress to suit were your going". I'd say dress slightly better than what may be required for the date.

    Keep it light and funny. Be fun. This is not a serious date. No talking about serious topics (like politics). As long as you keep things light and fun and remember your objective, you'll be fine.

  • Jerk off before the date so you aren't so anxious. People love talking about themselves, so think of open ended questions to ask her. Smile, be friendly.