I think I m starting to like this girl in my class but she's taken?

. I keep thinking about stealing a kiss to seduce her.. like by surprise.. thoughts? We crack jokes and we even have an inside joke going on that she's pregnant with my baby lol she doesn't know that I know she has a man... we jsut started getting to know each other and I got her number for school recently ect.


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  • I dont think going for a taken girl is a good move. Bad karma. Besides, now this is just me, I wouldn't want to go for someone that is easily persuaded to 'cheat' on the person that they are dating. Unless you're looking for an easy lay. Then again, i'm a female and I'm sensitive and stuff


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  • Whoa, no way will she welcome a surprise kiss if she is taken. You will ruin all chance to be her rebound when she dumps the guy. :)

  • As hard as it is, I would avoid getting involved with a girl that's in a relationship. Things could get ugly and people could get hurt. By all means, continue pursuing her as a friend, but I wouldn't go farther than that.

  • If she has a boyfriend, you should NOT make a move on her.

    • U know, I use to think that and still do but the last 4 girls I met who were attractive were taken or married. If it's not marriage, anything goes but not that it's good.6 last 2/3 were taken when I picked them up. Anyways, this sucks and her being white, she just told me today she use to to have yellow fever. How do I post pics here?

    • I don't know how to post pictures on here, sorry :( I'm still kind of new to this website

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  • I wouldn't kiss, it may put her off. Invite out first.

    Cut back a notch or two on the fantasy world... kinda scary.

    • I do ballsy things. It's what I do. And I may take a step after so things soak in with her. I m trying to steal her heart not make a way for her to do it on her own yet. She has a conscience..