I have been rejected so many times by girls to the point of feeling bitter about life?

i want to let it out i feel sick about it

guess what people to day i kissed a random girl xDDD


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  • Maybe you rush too soon to ask girls out but I don't know because I'm not sure of the details. Those girls probably weren't right for you if they rejected you, maybe you haven't yet met the girl you should be with but don't give up on dating or on anything else just because of a few rejections! And you know, 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' - and all that jazz ;)


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  • It could be that your "hurry" to get a girl may come off as desperate, which may affect how you act around girls, and in turn how they react to you. If you focus on other activities and just try to make friends (real solid friendships without ulterior motives and without expecting anything), a girl will like the real you.

    The best relationships I've had (either friendly or romantic), have surged because I was relaxed and being myself, and wasn't thinking about finding that "special someone," it came as a real nice surprise from heaven.

  • You beat yourself up to much, I don't like guys that do that. Okay if she's hot, that's what you think of her appearance, but have you actually gotten to get to know her? I mean she may be hot now but once you get to know her she might not be with you expected her to be. Then talk to them, make your first move and talk to them. You have plenty of years to find the right women, don't settle for less and do not beat yourself up. I am sure you are fine, honestly.

    • i don't just beat myself up for no reason too many rejections made me lose my self esteem

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    • ok thanks :)

    • And your welcome (:

  • Everyone's been rejected. It's just a part of life! Keep your head up :)

  • Don't worry about them. You don't need them anyway, just find urself before you find someone else, find who u are, what u want in life, then, wait on fate😊

  • Don't beat yourself up... From your profile it says you're younger than 18, you still have a while to get into the whole dating thing. I can honestly say that I started seriously dating when I was 20. I assume you're still in school so just focus on your education. Education should be your top priority at your age. Again don't beat yourself up, you have plenty of time to begin dating.

    • i am medical student the girls are so hot but i can't dare and appraoch one feels bad

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    • i tried multiple times and all i got is failure after an other my heart aches when i see couples holding hands when my friends are getting into relationships when they brag about how many girls they dated i mean i feel like shit

    • Don't. Simple as that, your young. Take your time, there's no need to rush to get into a relationship, relationships aren't easy. It a lot. I'm not saying that being in a relationship is a bad thing but I do think that it's takes a lot of effert.

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  • Nope. You never learn the fundamentals that's why you kept failing.
    Read more, surf more.. apply into your brain and actions

  • But what exactly are you asking us?

  • You sound like me man. Here is my story and my journey... and you can do it, too! Get this: I am 23 years old, ok? I have a great career, college degree, I have been called attractive many times, and I go to the gym often. Yet... I have never kissed a girl (until last night) and still have yet to have sex.

    I am a shy guy, and I face a constant barrage of rejection from women. As a result, I would masturbate to p*rn multiples times a day. I had an epiphany a month ago. I stopped watching p*rn. I stopped masturbating. I started watching YouTube videos on game. I started reading more about women and how to flirt in the bookstores. I started to work on my social problems.

    I am shy and have social anxiety. I decided to go out to bars/nightclubs and chat up random people to face my social fears head on. I also got a gym membership and started taking classes. I would also go out everyday and just try to be in public settings, just to get out.

    I also focused on making more eye contact (a guy at my job today complimented me on my surperb eye contact), I focused more on better body language, how I walk, SMILING MORE (also got complimented on that today), and just trying to be more confident and energetic.

    As a result of my changes, I am able to talk to women now (I still get a lot of anxiety and don't approach all women... I am working on this). I've been on FIVE dates during the past few weeks. 4 of them sucked and the women weren't really interested in me. I went on my 5th date last night, girl was highly interested in me, I asked her for a kiss and she gave me one.

    • happy for you man :') what you said describes me perfectly i will fight i will not let myself down

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    • Lol yaaaaas, you two are the SHIT :D xD

    • i am the fucking boss