Guys My Age Aren't Attracted To Me Anymore?

It always seems hard for me to get a boyfriend on my own. The only way I was in relationships before was because a mutual friend introduced us. And when I'm around my friends I see them all get attention from guys but me. And when I try to talk to guys they blow me off (except for one guy a couple months ago but that ended terribly). It seems that the only guys that try to talk to me are guys in their 30s or higher trying to get me at the mall or into their cars. Why can't I get a boyfriend and why do I only get attention from older guys?

Side Note: I'm 17. My mom said that because I have curves I look older sometimes, but my friends actually do dress older and some look older than me and guys our age still talk to them.


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  • and what if the guy's older than you? what's so bad about it?

    • I don't mind if he's older than me to a certain age. I'm 17. I don't want 38 and older guys as boyfriends. We'd be at different stages in our lives. Me starting college and him already in his career field wanting to start a family.


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  • i have been thinking the same thing with girls. some people just dont get attention. we never get to know why

  • i guess you are destined with a sugar daddy material


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