Indian Guys; Give me Insight? Blind Date next Week?

I have dated my share of latinos, germans, swedish guys but this will be my first India experience.

He is 38, I am unsure if he was India born but he is very Americanized. Does speak with a slight accent, refers to himself as spiritual and not religious. UNsure where his family is, as in here or over there still.

Phone call was great, I ended up making him laugh a lot thank goodness, as he initially seemed wary and too serious which is a deal breaker for me. He told me via text today that he liked my sense of humor. and he was actually lightening up to make me laugh as well. PHEW, because he seemed super serious at first.

Anyhow, so we are meeting next week. I have some questions.

Some cultures it is a huge "no" to sleeping with the man too soon, he will not take you serously after. So he is already out of luck there for a while. But, this is lame... am I allowed to kiss goodnight or is that trashy, too?

Give me some insight from how to dress (is dressier better than more casual) to what I might expect. Of course at the end, he is a guy like any other, but it is my experience that some cultures have much different standards than ours.

Girls, he is H-O-T...6'3 inches of lean, muscular dark haired smoldering eyed H-O-T. I thought I would start a tour of India... lol.

Anyhow, Indian guys, give me some edge here for our first, blind date. :)

Thank you in advance.


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  • Since he's 38 and single at this point he "might" just want some, culture plays a major role but it all comes down to he individual and how he performs (temptation). As far as kissing on the first date goes depends on the how the date goes with him if he shows interest in you then i say go for it HAHA.. dress up a bit fancy but dont over do it, other than that your good to go.


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  • Very difficult girl... to actually predict what it will be like. But if he is Americanised as you say, then he very well knows and understand your lifestyle , culture and it may go very well.
    Kisses on cheeks , hands are okay. But delay sexual hook up to know about him more.
    Let me be very frank that ( some ) indian or middle eastern guys will only approach white women for sex and will will later marry indian chick.
    But your case is completely different. He is 38 and i guess he will be very serious about you. More conversations will lead to more understanding of each other.
    Keep meeting like this for real understanding of him.

    • Thank you! I certainly planned on delaying anything physical for quite a while because I understand that it would Cause a complete lack of respect. I actually normally hold out for a while no matter who. You definitely validated my thoughts, thank you.

      Yeah... I know that most cultures marry within. It's cool though; we met at a dating site so I am really unsure what his belief system is or his family's influence. First dates are overwhelming to start with; I didn't want to make an embarrassing mistake on top of it :P.

      Thank you so very much for shedding light on this for me. We texted the other night for nearly an hour and I am looking forward to meeting him.

  • refer to ma brotha @insaan ;3

  • I'm afriad I can't give you any useful insight, as I'm not Indian nor have any firsthand experience with Indian culture. But I need to say one thing - I'm kind of jealous of that guy right now. Haha.

  • make sure his family owns plenty of camels first.


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  • I would like to just point out that there are many different cultures in India depending on which region a person is from but Indians speak English