Help me please! girl drama?

i have been dating a guy for a while now, but this weekend i figured out a girl he hangs out with likes him. what makes it complicated is she is always around him at football games and diverts his attention from me. she also said crap about me and how we should break up cause I'm not that "into him". she also tried to convince me to say no to him when he asked me out.

so she is bring drama between us and is making him act like the messenger and i don't want to tell him the reason why I'm mad at her cause he doesn't know anything.

what can i do? it kind of bothers me and i really do like him, should i tell him or not? i really hate drama but i have a fear she might say something about me or get us into an unwanted argument.

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he just texted me goodnight, but i don't get the same feeling i usually get when he does... does that make me a bad person?


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  • If you say something, you risk a lil' bit of drama. If you say nothing, this continues and you get more and more pissed while he wonders why. If you explain it to him like you explained it here, you should be fine. A good guy should be able to see where you're coming from and reassure you. Also he should talk to this other girl and explain that they're just friends. This other girl can then talk shit as much as she likes, she knows you called her out on her actions and now there's nothing she can do because he's made his choice clear to her. Some people!

    • thank you so much! i think ill wait a little and see if its gets worse. if it does ill probably make a little comment about it to him, but not tell him the full story

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  • communication is vital to a working relationship


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  • the most important thing in a relationship is communication. if you just stand idly by, getting angrier by each attempt the other girl makes to get your guy, you're the one losing in this situation. guys need you to tell them how you feel, they're not psychic and they can't read your mind. so just be straightforward. yes, it'll bring some drama, but not nearly as much as when it might blow up in your face and he wonders why you didn't tell him it was bothering you in the first place. say it, get it over with, and take it from there. if he reacts well to it, takes your thoughts into consideration and tries to fix it, then keep him. if he thinks you're being too dramatic/jealous/unreasonable, then maybe you should think about moving on... that is if everything you said is 100% true. if he's not considerate enough to at least look at it from your perspective, then you're better off without him. good luck :)

  • I talk to him calmly about it, tell him that she is making you feel uncomfortable with their relationship - and the possibility that she May have feelings for him. He may already get the feeling she does, but doesn't know what to do about it. Or Ask him to have a talk with her about how it is your relationship with him and you don't want her to get involved.

  • Don't say anything for a while and see if he notices. If it gets to a point where she's getting too out of hand talk to him.