I hate my bf little brother so much?

his little brother is a brat he keeps beating his dogs i told him to stop htting them. he always does it when he got mad for a little thing thing then he push the gate in th edogs face i started yelling at him and him and asking him if he's a idiot and why he acts like a girl on her period his mom and older brother were there they never talk to him and my bf mom blames my bf and his older brother for his behovoiur he is 14 years old and acts like he's 5 am wondering if he has some mental isses or something...


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  • The sign of being a serial killer is abusing animals.


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  • He needs beats. These kind of children are the perfect example of why these hippy parents need to stop with the "smacking is wrong" because that kinda child needs more than just a slap.