What are the most romantic things you've done or experienced with your present/ex lover?

Feel free to share if you want. Mine was today, I was teaching my girlfriend to drive, and it was the greatest thing ever. Like something out of a movie, I never knew it would be this fun. Also, I've pretty much completely fallen for her, I think she is too, considering the fact she started crying when I told her goodbye.


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  • Yeah... I'm not a very romantic person. Just ask my boyfriend.

    The most romantic thing he's done is he drove to my school in the middle of an intense rainstorm on Valentine's Day to take me out to dinner. He lived an hour away at this time and when it started pouring and the winds were going 45 mph I figured he wouldn't come and then he called me and was outside and I just about died.

    I'm not sure what the most romantic thing I've ever done for him is. Like I said, I'm not very romantic. One time he was sick and couldn't keep liquid cough medicine down and his parents straight up told him they wouldn't get him the pill form. He was complaining about that to me in a text and I just got up and bought him the pills and crazy bread with his favorite dipping sauce and I went to his house and fed him cough medicine and bread :p As I'm typing this, I realize it's not very romantic at all lmao


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  • I think it was while my boyfriend and I were still just friends, haha. We went to King's Island and it really was one of the greatest days I could remember. There was one rollercoaster in particular I was nervous to ride, but it was his favorite so I agreed to do it with him. After we boarded and fastened ourselves in, he asked me if I was okay, and in response I grabbed his hand and said, "Do NOT let go." And he said he wouldn't.

  • When my ex boyfriend (my crush at the time) spoke about all the people we hate and want to kill and how we'd do it:) in

  • in a 2 year relationship is hard to choose the best memory but i think it probably was when we were 3 months into our relationship and after a little argument, he made me sit down and looked at me and he told me that he wanted me to be his girlfriend and that he loved me. We were already bf/ gf but he never asked me to be.. we just assumed that we were. But it was nice.


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