He keeps texting but hasn't planned a 2nd date?

So I went out with this guy from online dating about 1.5 weeks ago & I thought the date went pretty well. However I had a trip planned the very next day & was out of town for 1 & 1/2 weeks. While I was gone he texted me a few times asking how my trip was going, what I did for Halloween, etc. and we kept in touch through text. When I got back home I texted him letting him know I was back, and that we should do something later this week. He said "Yeah definitely I'll let you know, I want to hear all about your trip!". But it's been a couple days since then & he just texts to chat, but hasn't planned another meetup? I thought he was interested but maybe I was wrong?


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  • Maybe he's dating others to after all when you online date they see many people before deciding who they prefer or he could be busy. Its only a week and your not official so its not that long really. Give him till end of week /weekend an if he doesn't initiate then forget him. By that I mean do something else go out with friends dont wait around an do not be the one to arrange next date as he should pursue you too otherwise you will never truly know if he is keen on you if you chase him.


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  • Don't over think it.. nothing is set yet. Sadly he is more than likely still talking to other people right now. Try to suggestively get him to ask you out if you won't ask him. Say things like "I'm just trying to figure out what I'm gonna do tho weekend" or " what are your plans this weekend?" He will come around and ask you out. Then just be all coy about it.. "oh, you wanna go out with me?"... "okay that's a great idea".. Make it seem like it was his idea.. Men like when you stroke their... ego.

  • Why don't you step up and plan something?


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