My ex-friends ex with me?

i had a friend for about 3 years like best friend but he started dating a girl in our class (was friendly with) and they broke up in September but now his ex is really friendly with me asking me to go places etc. may i add that when i stopped being friends with the guy it was because he was a cocky arrogant asswhole


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  • Umm girls are not property to be possessed by any present or past experience, or lovers. That is ignorant and I think guys who get pissed over that are ignorant as well. It didn't work out, so you want to make sure it doesn't with anyone you know because they may be a better match? I wouldn't worry about it. Men/boys like that are immature. Go for it if you are interested in her.

    • I agree with your conclusion, but it's not just a property thing. Imagine you broke up with an ex on bad terms. And he immediately became best friends with your best friend. She would be effectively choosing his side in your eyes. It's not that he cares she's dating, it's that she's dating his best friend (now ex, so it doesn't really matter). But if they were still friends, it goes deeper than a sense of property.
      I've had girls I dated purposely go after my best friend for the sole purpose of making me jealous. I wouldn't care if she just dated some guy.

    • It's ignorant to me, my ex and I need on bad terms, he got with a friend of mine, I couldn't have careless. I knew he wasn't worth my time, I moved on.. over 6 months later I went on a few dates with an aquaintence of his and he called him talking shit, granted he was drunk, but that's ignorant. Granted I know girls who do that stuff on purpose and guys too, and you have to beware of them, they cause more trouble than just that. but it's all stupid to me. I'm not the jealous kind though.

    • got nothing to do with propery she broke up with him and now she's flirting with me?

  • Then there is no problem, he's no longer a friend.


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  • Depends if you want him to get pissed. The only thing that would stop you is respecting a friendship, so if you're not friends... doesn't really matter. Go with it