Need some advice for a first date?

Hello everyone! I would like some advice because this weekend I'm taking a girl on a first date for the first time in my life (we're going to see a movie)! We have met before in parties and we chat a lot by text messages, so I'm pretty confident about her feelings and mine. My issue is at what point do I make a move? During the movie? Afterwards? Do I go in for a kiss or do i just hold her hand?
Thanks for your help


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  • Analyze how she feels and acts, and if she's acting flirty and interested then make a move near the end of the date.


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  • Read the situation and her body language. If she's leaning into to you or fidgeting during the movie hold her hand or if she seems to be trying to get closer put your arm around her. Do not cop a feel!

    • Thank you ! I'll be sure to keep an eye out for the body language.

  • Depends on her attitude


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  • Good for you! Treat her respectful at all times. Sure, hold hands, maybe give her a hug. See how the movie goes. Whenever looks right give her a little kiss. Don't give her the tongue until she comes back for seconds.

    • Thanks! well I wasn't going to use tongue anyways because I have never kissed xD

    • Hahaha that guy sure is experienced. Almost as if he expected you to use tongue lol jk jk