Is it normal to feel like this? I guess I just need reassurance that I won't die an old cat lady?

How will I know I've found the one? I'm a sweet and silly girl who doesn't take herself too seriously but I'm having bad luck with dating. I feel like I'll never find Mr. Right and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. And guys, what is your type?


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  • You sound pretty normal to me. If anything, I know you have a certain level of self-awareness about your current situation. BUT, there's no reason to assume that because you currently haven't found a good man, that you will NEVER find a decent partner. Give it some time, no need to worry when you're in your young 20s.

    This would be my kind of woman:

    I like confident and independent women who are not full of themselves. They don't necessarily need a man in their lives, but want one because they're not ultra feminists who believe that men are meaningless, unnecessary, or just obsessed with sports. Basically a girl with good perspective on life.

    I will say that I usually am more attracted to white girls. I don't have any "perfect" body type that I prefer; just as long as everything's (relatively) proportional. Her height and weight create a normal BMI score and everything fits her body. Having a beautiful face is most attractive. That being smooth skin, deep eyes, great smile, good teeth, beautiful hair, etc.

    Someone who has good financial sense and knows how to keep what they earn is very important. I don't care what her profession is though. If she's mature and carries herself with confidence and poise, I don't care about things like career choice or education level. Having a true perspective on life, certain level of self-awareness, and high character and courage are what's most important. Don't care what her sexual history is. Could have been with 100+ men or a virgin, as long as she's been smart about STD prevention and is loyal to me. Probably someone within my age range... which currently is 21 +/- 4 years; that's not a hard rule though.


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  • 'The one' its something that when u do find them, the feeling is like nothing u will have felt before and you will just know. I can't say it more simple than that. I thought many times I had until it really did happen and there is no comparison to it. Im sure u won't end up a cat lady :-P


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  • I think it's perfectly normal what you are going through. I think you are still young and have a lot of time to explore dating and what you want in your partner. I was single forever and dated around over the course of the past 8 years, not very successfully until this past year. I always felt like an awkward weirdo and for a while that no one would ever want me and that I would also be a cat lady. I started dating again last summer and after 6 months I ended up meeting a guy that's just as awkward and silly as me. I'm not sure what will happen with us but I definitely see a future with him. If you can just relax about it and be yourself and stop worrying about others. If you are dating just make it your goal to get to know the other person, be comfortable in your own skin, having fun, etc. Don't overthink it and just be yourself. I love being with my bf because he totally gets my weird sense of humor and it's very comfortable between us. We are just so chill together and time has flown by since we met. Every day he makes me laugh and I can feel myself being more mature when it comes to our issues and communication (which I suck at). I feel like he makes me better! Good luck and again don't worry about it. You can't put a time table on these kinds of things.