What are things that guys really like their girlfriend to do to or for them?

I want to kind of do some stuff to surprise my boyfriend to kind of make our love life more exiting. I just want some ideas of stuff i can do to him that he would absolutely love and surprise him. Maybe some little stuff i could do like something i could make or wear or just some ideas to make our life more exiting. Maybe even some date ideas or just make stuff more fun than it is now. I need some ideas and or advice please.


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  • I can't give sex advice to a minor, especially because I don't believe minors should be having sex. I always say, if you can't vote and or at least drink, you're probably too young to be deciding to do something such as sex. Sex over complicates things and can really fuck things up

    • I didn't mean anything about sex I'm only 17 I don't do that stuff

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    • Which begs the question, should you be dating, at a young age

    • Girl I'm in to right now, was 17, when she lost her virginity to a guy who was 16. My moms older than my dad, so, it's certainly possible for older women to go for younger men, it just shouldn't be the REAL reason why you're going for them (age). But, she chose to date at 17, and to lose her virginity at 17. He abused her, verbally and physically/sexually. She finally left him, just recently. I'm so proud of her for doing that. It takes a LOT of courage to leave long relationships. They say abuse alters the mind in to thinking, that's all she's worth.


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  • Honestly, if it was me, I wouldn't want anything special, just treat me like you care a lot for me and that you truly appreciate me. Show me everyday that you love me, not just saying it, but showing it.
    I don't know about your guy, but for me, I would only expect these things from a girlfriend.

  • not be a bitch, not drop subtle hints expecting him to get it, and to at least pretend to give a damn about him :P

  • Personally, random things ^_^
    like, if my gf would meet me and just give me a jumping hug and refuse to let go... id be over the moon.
    just anything to show ya care ^_^

  • For me personally it would be to not cheat and talk about me behind my back.

  • Lingerie can be a good place to start. Had an ex dress in a sexy santa outfit, it was Christmas! Sex dice are a wicked way to mix things up in the bedroom! Good foreplay as well.


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