He kissed me while I was drunk and now mid-week I remember, what to do?

So my friend and I went out with this guy, who I met once before. We had an epic fucking Halloween that night! There were lots of shots and he kept the tab going, so I got really drunk. At the end of the night me and my friend are waiting for my ex, her brother to come pick us up. He totally french kisses me, I mean the guy just goes for it.

The only reason why I remembered this, is because I was literally just sitting her thinking to myself, "he looks like a bad kisser, I don't know if I'd like to date him" and then memories just flood back... Like holy cow where was I when he was kissing me. I don't know what to do, Should I just pretend like it never happened? Should I mention it... I feel rude for not saying anything. I think I kind of like him, but my thoughts are a mess, because I can't believe he did that nor can I believe I thought that!


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  • I wouldn't say anything about it, it was just a kiss.


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  • Sounds like he took advantage of you while you were in a state where you were unable to make a clear judgment on whether you actually wanted to or not.

    I would probably avoid him if he is willing to do something like that.

  • Never speak of this moment again


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