I need to come to a conclusion of what I should do with this girl its been enough!!!?

this one girl was having a conversation with my friend and a week later my freind randomly comes up to me says about a week ago ( girls name) said that "she can't stick with one guy she needs other men" but the reason why my freind brought up what she said was because he thinks me and her are dating because we hug flirt etc. she calls me her lover she always puts her head on my shoulder when feeling just like ugh! she even calls me babe sometimes but she dosent do this to any other guy... the stuff i said above she did to me while in a relationship with her boyfriend she recently broke up with 3 days ago i dont know if i should date her because i dont wanna develop like more intense feelings for her then get heart broken if she dose whats she's been doing to me with another guy... i really like this girl to and i let her know already that i love her which i feel i do she said she loves me aswell can anyone help me this is becoming to much for me


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  • If she flirted with you while dating someone she'll flirt with people while dating you


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  • If you like/love her, ask her out. Own up and just do it! Eventually if it goes well, make her yours and make it official!