What can I do to improve this dating thing?

Im so confused and conflicted about dating and relationships at the moment.

I find it very easy to like people in general and it shows in my approach to women. This plays off well sometimes, but other times it results in me feeling like I'm acting clingy

When I try to combat this problem I have a hard time maintaining girls interests. They look interested, Ill get a number, text for a bit, but in the long run it won't get much further than a date.

What am I doing wrong?


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  • You need to stop blaming yourself when it comes to why some of these women are not getting any further than a few short worded conversations, and maybe a date at best.

    Think outside of the box. Step outside of your comfort zone for once. Do something different. It's all a trial and error. Change something up in your normal approach, see how it goes.

    I'm Jordan too by the way. lol.


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  • Rather than approaching them with the mind-set of dating, try to approach it as just getting to know them as a friend. I know you think that'll just land you in the so called 'friend-zone', but it'll make you much more relaxed and genuine when getting to know/dating girls. Trust me, that'll easily win most girls over, or at least give you pretty good chances.

  • No-ones perfect. Think of something new. But don't always blame yourself. It's both parties fault usually. But... do something outsode of your comfort zone.

  • Do you ask them on dates?

    • generally Ill do that if they're cute and its just me and them, yeah.

    • Do you ever go on dates? How do they usually go? And do you end up going to a second date?

    • for the most part getting to the date is a simple thing for me, but its the time after that were interests just seem to slide a bit

  • Honestly i have no idea


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