What is wrong with guys?

My crush who knows i like him was being a jerk to me for a while now, even though we were friends, and when i got mad finally, he got even more mad and told me to delete his number *he texted me first* etc. ? What the hell?


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  • Sooo guys supposed bow down cause you like them? He suppose to change his ways for you? He's being a jerk cause he has no interest in you or he's playing around. Your crush interest jus have bad taste. Don't look at one guy and say it's us guys that's the matter. Look in mirror and see why are interested in guys that are jerks thus your playing to into what nice guys says about woman. Take it how you want but if I like a girl i already know things about her before she tells me. I may not know at all but my adice is tease arch harder on whom you hang out with friends , crush , boyfriend, so in the future it won't be so much as a shock. Like shy guys tends to be distant, do ask " why he not walking over to me. But he do smile at me." Sooner you do your homework on your crush the faster you see he's not into you or he's Sherlock but that's how he is.


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  • What's wrong with the guy? The real question is what's wrong with you?