Should I text him or should I take the hint?

If a guy went from texting you several times a day to not texting you for 3 days, does that mean he's not interested? What if he warned you in advance that he was incredibly busy at work this week and he usually works around 100 hours a week? Should I text him to just ask how he's doing? Or should I take the hint?


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  • It sounds like he is genuinely busy. I mean if you know he likes you and you two have a little something going already the hell yeah send him a text. He will love to know you care and will most likely get back to you the second he can unless he's so dog tired that he couldn't even form sentences. Unless he's a liar and isn't that busy but wants to make you think he is so that you chase him instead of the other way around. Oops I let the cat out of the bag, sorry dudes I gave away the big secret.

  • It doesn't hurt to send him a "hey I hope your day is going well" just don't expect a immediate text. Also the amount of texting that is done isn't a way to gage someones interest its a flawed method to say the least.


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