Betrayed and disrespected?

My BF and I have been dating happily for a little over a year now. Prior to him dating me he was with a girl for about 6 months who cheated on him, with his older brother.. While he was away on vacation. This has made him have a pretty strong hatred for his brother and a fear of being cheated on, understandable. Well now what happen was this past weekend I went out with a girlfriend of mine and he went out with some friends to separate towns for he night. I guess his brother got in touch with him and told him he was in my town that I was out in for the night. This got my BF worried and he texted me to please not talk to his brother and just stay away from him. Me having a couple drinks in me and just trying to be nice, ended up seeing him and saying hello and telling him that his brother (my BF) didn’t want me talking to him. That was it and I didn’t see him the rest of the night I did my thing and I left. The next morning my BF called me pissed off and yelling that I betrayed him and he lost trust and it didn’t respect him. His brother called him and told him.. Anyone have any help or ideas how to make it up to him or what to say? It’s gotten to the point now he’s alittle cooled off, and he doesn’t want to break up just when I drink I get a bit out of control and out of my body and make bad decisions, so we've decided i stop drinking and we work on our relationship…any tips to make it better? Or advice in general? Thanks!!!


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  • Are you sure that you only said hi to him and nothing else? If that is all you said to your bfs brother then you shouldn't have anything to worry about. I would just keep letting him cool off. its probably nothing. that is if you really didn't do anything. I have been cheated myself so if the guy that made my ex cheat on me comes around my current gf. even if its my brother iam gonna be freaking out. just be calm and collect with him. itll pass

  • Tell your bf to stop being a punk and trust you. If he is going to believe his brother over you, then tell him to fuck off?


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