Ladies: Your thoughts on a newbie?

I'm 24 and despite my darnedest I've yet to so much as hold hands with a girl. I'm not overtly awkward or anything, but my inexperience makes me feel insecure.

My questions is: As a woman, how would you feel if you were dating a guy around your age and found he literally had ZERO experience?


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  • Seems like a lot of gals would enjoy being kind to you.

    I talked to one gal and she confessed it is a fantasy of hers to work a virgin boys head slowly in her mouth making him squirm and shiver until he explodes. I'm sure if your upfront with a gal there is someone for you. Try a dating site. In your description say you are looking for a committed relationship and will put yourself in your girls hands as you have no experience with sex. You should get lots of ladies ready willing and able to drain your snake. You may even find a love!

    if all else fails, save up some $, go to Amsterdam. For 50 Euros you can choose from hundreds of gals. Spend a week there and you will get lots of experience.


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  • At my age, I can't be fucked to teach any more virgins. I've done my time!

    Seriously though. I don't care, it wouldn't be a problem, most probably won't even be able to tell.

  • I wouldn't mind at all, since I'm in the same boat.

  • I used to flirt with a virgin who was 2 years older than me, the idea of making him have an orgasm turned me on so much. Even though I'm a virgin myself.

  • love them lol
    since im one too it makes me fee less nervous and judged lol

    we can learn and be better together its better to start at close levels

  • I'd just think thank fuck he isn't like certain other guys who've already had like 10 or more under their belt by this stage. I would be so glad I found somebody clean and not used up.
    Trust me, there's definitely many more pros than cons with a guy like you. You should use it to brag and tell girls you're a sweet boy and aren't like other guys and all that stuff j

    • The only thing better is if a guy never had an orgasm. Same with a girl. God, nothing more hot than their first orgasm.

    • So true. It's definitely something knowing you were the first girl to ever make him reach that :)

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