For girls: Does it ever bother you if a guy you aren't interested in stops asking you out?

Occasionally I'll go on a few dates with a girl, and if it seems like she's losing interest I'll stop asking her out (although usually I'll at least try for one more date if I really like her).

I'm sometimes curious if it bothers them at all that I stopped asking them out, or if it would damage a friendship or make things weird if we saw each other again.

On the other hand, maybe if a girl loses interest she'd be glad that I don't call so she doesn't have to make up a lame excuse.



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  • no because if I don't like a guy I don't want him to keep asking me out so its a win win


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  • Gosh no. It us a huge relief to not have to avoid phone calls, make up excuses, or finally to have to be truthful and awkward.

  • Not really, for me personally if I'm not interested, I don't want to waste your time or mine :)


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