Tinder: he's still active?

I met a guy through tinder. We've been on a few dates and I like him a fair bit. But it feels like he's been talking to me less. Today I went on my account to delete it but before I did I peeked at his profile. It said he'd been active 11 hours ago. Should I be worried?


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  • Well, he's a guy on Tinder. Not to say that every person, man or woman, on Tinder isn't dating material, because that'd be wrong - but notoriously it is more, let's say: casual. It isn't abnormal for people to hook up (physically or socially) and then move on to someone else. If you aren't sure, message him and ask. Be honest about how you feel. If he gives you the cold shoulder or shuts you down, at least you know that it wasn't worth your time.


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  • He's not that into you honey :(

    • I need to be rational about this. We've only been on two dates and had one kiss and we're not exclusive. In fact, a couple of days before our first date I was still being affectionate with a friends with benefits so I dont know if I should be judging him. And today it turns out he'd taken a 5 hour nap which explains why he never texted me this afternoon. Just in the past I've experienced this to be bad and I panicked? I'll just need to play it cool

  • No Maybe but I do think so


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  • lol if you've only been on two dates with him and you're not exclusive then you just pretty much said it yourself he's not yours!

    Until he's your official boyfriend you can't complain about him being on Tinder.