Why did I not get a text back?

I have a male friend who was suppose to ask my crush how he felt about me. My friend was suppose to casually bring up girls and mention my name to see what the guy thought about me. The day after he was suppose to ask, i saw him and the friend said he wasn't able to ask y crush, but he said he would ask him that night. My friend also said he would text me the after their convo. So, my friend never text me back. I even sent him a text with the curious eyes emoji and he has sent anything back. So you think my crush had something ad to say? Why didn't the guy text me back?

Now, the both play football and at my university, the player leave on fridays at noon to play on saturday.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Be patient. He might not have found a good time to ask him yet. Or he might not have checked his phone.

    Trying to glean meaning from late or missing texts is a fruitless effort and will only make you paranoid.


What Girls Said 1

  • I wouldn't be concerned about it. Your friend most likely had your back and wanted to be supportive to you. He most likely did have the intention of asking his friend what he thought about you, but 80% likely, he just forgot! I wouldn't use the fact that he didn't text you as an indicator of anything. Check up with him in person?