What to talk about after a first kiss?

What do you say after a first kiss? Not only will it be my first kiss with my boyfriend, but it will be both of our first kisses ever. What do we talk about after it?


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  • Congrats, hopefully you enjoy it. Smile at him and say that was nice. Then kiss him again


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  • Congratulations! Tell him that you are very happy with him, that you like him very much, that he is a wonderful person, that you are so glad the two of you met--which must be completely true and beyond any personal doubt. You absolutely must acknowledge verbally that the two of you are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend (and of course that would be the case with a first kiss). You can talk about your wishes for the future. You don't need to say much beyond that after your kiss, though. You can just hold each other or make a sustained physical contact like holding hands or hugging and reveling in each other's good vibes. Maintain direct body contact as long as practicable to show your affection.

    It would be good to have a little ceremony of sorts officially marking the beginning of this serious relationship, such as going on a trip out of town, day or weekend according to your means, sharing a meal at a good restaurant, or at least spending a whole day together roaming around, going to the mall, a movie, or a concert, et cetera, walking or hiking somewhere--some sort of activity or event that will remain in your memory for awhile. Finally, if you are able, you could give him a little token of your affection for him, not expensive, just a little gift.

  • ttalk about video-games


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