He likes me but he's too shy?

So there is a guy who oes to my school and is in my class. I found out that he liked me three years ago, an recently I have found out that he still likes me now, and never stopped liking me. The problem is, I don't want to make the first move, but he gets really shy and struggles to talk to me. He's always staring at me in class but as soon as I try to catch his eye he looks away like he is embarrassed. Also, he barley tries to make conversation with me and when I ask him a question he turns red an starts talking really fast.
What should I do? How can I hint that I like him back without embarrassing him in front of his friends?


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  • Don't wo about that, guys just give each other shit about girls. It's part of being a guy! If you tell him straight out you like him too he will probably relax and be able to talk to you! :) good luck


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  • So make the first move! Ask him to hang out with you. I was a shy guy in middle school and there are times when I've regretted not asking a girl out :( because I was too shy. Could also warm things up a bit by talking to him online.

  • Get is number or instagram or Skype or kik or w/e. And talk to him on there


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