How do you feel when you see a 40 year old man on a date with a 20 something?

I personally don't allow age to affect my opinion or level of attraction towards a woman. If we have chemistry, we have it. I enjoy dating women my age because they are more confident and knowledgeable sexually. They know how to receive and give pleasure better. I enjoy dating women younger because they aren't looking for Mr. Right, yet. It is a great pleasure showing a 20 something how good sex really can be...not just humping till you sweat then fall asleep. At any rate, when I am out with a 20ish date people look at us funny, sometimes. Is it that big of a deal.

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  • i really think age only adds to your experience, charisma and wisdom (in most cases). not every older guy has got more money, and is perverted. if a womans attractive, she's attractive.

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      You are a gorgeous woman and I want the world to know I think so.