Girl's tone turned and I've no idea why and I'm afraid I did something?

I was seeing a girl and it seemed to be going great. We met and it was pretty clear we got on and we started seeing each other. Whenever I saw her she was happy, smiling, laughing and the sex was great. Everything was going good for about two months, we'd kind of agreed to make it exclusive, she called me her boyfriend and I even got an invite to meet her family (but I thought it was a bit soon), so it felt like it had some potential. But she left for a week and came back and suddenly she was down, deflated.

At first I thought she wasn't feeling well, so I tried my best to try and make her feel a bit better. I surprised her with flowers, nothing too big, and she seemed happy again. Laughing, smiling, kissing etc and then she turned around and said we needed to talk and that she felt she wasn't ready for a relationship - which kind of threw me.

Over time it fizzled out as she distanced herself, so this isn't a 'what should I do?' thing. But I'm curious about why it happened, if anyone can hazard a guess as I didn't really see it coming. I know people change their minds but usually there are signs, this felt like it came out of the blue.


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  • Maybe something bad happened on the trip and she tried dealing with it alone, failed and didn't want to get you messed up in her stuff to protect you because she likes you.


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  • I think you should ask her. Maybe she realised something while she was a way for that week. It's better to ask than to ponder forever on "what if" and "why"