Is he still attracted to me?

My bf and I don't do it much anymore. The last few months we have been fighting more then usual. I'm usually the one who starts it because he never wants to talk about thing. Which I do so our relationship gets better. Well the sex has decreased. He tells me it's because he's either tired, not in the mood or because I've been fighting with him so he doesn't want to. Then he told me thay sometimes I don't turn him on. He says he is still attracted to me though and wants go be with me forever. He just said he is sick of us fighting about ****. Are these just excuses or does he really mean them and is still attracted to me and wants to be with me?


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  • It sounds like your relationship is cooling off. It happens. Most relationships aren't successful. He says he wants to be with you because he doesn't want to hurt you by telling you the truth

  • The initial attraction is slowly dying out. You guys should do something that will spice it up. Or prevent the arguments from forming in the first place.


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