My boyfriend's mom is abusive, has anyone gone through something like this?

My boyfriend (20) and I (24) have been together for almost a year. He was my best friend for three years before we started dating. I never met his parents and just a few days ago he shared this with me:

He told me that he had been hiding me from the beginning because his mom doesn't like any of his friends. Back then I remember we stopped seeing each other for a while, he told me it was because his mom found out about me so she took away his devices. Now two months ago she found a text from me with a heart, she immediatly assumed we were dating. She asked him to break up with me because she says we started dating when he was 17 and I was 21, this is not true but she calls me a pedo and tells my boyfriend that if he doesn't stop talking to me, she'll send me to jail. Just a few days ago she saw us together outside his house and she called me a b*tch and a c*nt, she accused me of manipulating her son and threatened saying she'd send someone to kill me, then she slapped my boyfriend. He later confessed to me that she's hit him before because he refuses to break up with me. She even broke his ipad because she caught him chatting with me (he can't leave his house because his mom is supporting him financially with college). He tells me she's always like that and that his stepdad divorced her because one time she pushed him down the stairs and sent him to the hospital.

He doesn't want to give up on the relationship but I hate thinking that he has to go through all that, what can I do? I need advice. :(


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  • Well other than ask him to move out, i believe there is a hotline you can call for abusive parents, if it gets too bad you may want to notify the police but keep it anonymous


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  • He lives with his mom and she's that crazy?