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i know i am not beautiful. i know i am shapeless and my body is not amazing. but i deserve to be loved, right? i really wish there was a guy who would pick me up and kiss me and tell me that he loves me. im so pointless.. but this is me http://imgur.com/a/RfT3Y i should be proud of my self... i am proud of myself.. i am beautiful.. right? :( will somebody ever want me?


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  • At the end of the day looks can only take you so far in a relationship. Yes really good looking people find it easier to attract people in the first place but what keeps people around is your personality. So if you have a good personality once you attract someone it will make a huge difference to keep someone interested. If you are a really attractive looking person but have a bad personality it will just annoy people and you will never be in a happy long term relationship. As for your link I can not view it to see how your look because it does not seem to work. I guess you have taken the photo down. Of course you should be proud of yourself, we all have that special thing or things about ourselves that no one else has.

    • You didn't give her an opinion. You gave her some bullshit advice.

    • @ivebeenhavingbad luck like I have already siad! I could now view the link it did not work! and it is not bullshit looks can only take you so far with most people. Looks attract, a good personality keeps a person around.

    • @ivebeenhavingbadluck


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  • Thats something only you can answer for yourself darling. all the complimenting comments in the world won't do squat if you keep thinking ^^^ that about yourself.

    • i wish i could give you my eyes so you could see what i'm seeing :/ i just want to be loved and wanted

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    • Imagine being called Steve Urkel, If you don't know who that is, then look him up imagine even after you get rid of a flaw. you are still considered not good enough.. Imagine being called skinny and lanky. Imagine people telling you to MAN UP. And you may think you attract who you want to attract but me and you both know that is a lie to make you feel better. TELL THE GIRL YOUR OPINION AND STOP WASTING HER TIME! You remind me of a shallow female.

    • @ivebeenhavingbadluck
      I've told her my opinion, not my rating. and Im older than you, of course i know Urkel. you should see a current pic of him now. if she feels I'm wasting her time. she can say so. I don't judge people and i definitely don't rate. looks change... esteem issues on the other hand are way harder to fix. with that said. thank you for the rant. kind of reminds me of old me lol

  • yes they will
    you are perfectly fine and beautiful, don't worry about a thing

    hell if I was younger I'd go for you lol

  • The link doesn't work, put up a working one and ill give you an honest superficial opinion from a single guy, soul shattering or otherwise


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