Would a girl date a man that has had homosexual experiences in the past?

I have had homosexual experiences in the past (not sex) just a lot of make out sessions with guy friends of mine. Would this be a turn off for you?


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  • Yeah I don't know about that.
    Double standard that it is, I'm going with no, I would not.
    Bi girls are depicted as hot.
    bi guys are not.
    STD is a major concern here in spite of your no sex claim. That comes across as a flat out lie, at least to me anyway.

    • You can believe whatever you want but I have not had sex with any of those men and I do not carry any STD's.


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  • Not at all. I'm queer (so I'm attracted to women) and my boyfriends's queer too, so it's not like it bothers either of us. If it did it'd be a bit hypocritical, wouldn't it? Even if it's not, it makes no sense to be threatened by it or disgusted by it, that's just narrow-minded.

  • For me it would be an extreme turn off. I would not be ok with my guy having a past like that.

    Two of my very best friends are gay, so I don't mean to sound homophobic in my response. But to me personally, that is probably the biggest turn off there is.

    • Well I wouldn't want to be with someone like you. So it's cool. :)

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    • haha, I mean that is a fair response. Everyone has their preferences :)

    • Yes they do.

  • I like the thought of guys getting frisky with each other, but if I dated someone who flirted with, kissed or slept with anyone else before me, girl or guy, I would just be jealous. That's it... I wouldn't be particularly vexed that he had sexual experiences with a man at all.

    • Most men you'll meet will have a past, women too. Is it worth being jealous over? Also I don't tend to talk about my past, so I wouldn't bring this up to a girl.

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    • You shouldn't worry yourself too much, man. The right person won't care anyways.

    • I won't mention it as I don't see what it will achieve in the grand scheme of things. But thanks.

  • If I was sure that he was bisexual and not homosexual I wouldn't care. In fact guy on guy is a sexy thought.

    • I don't find men sexually attractive, I kissed my guy friends through drunken dares. I never had sex with them and it was only a handful of times.

    • Again, if I knew you were into girls (whether you like guys as well or not) I wouldn't care about those drunken dares. Can't say I wouldn't fantasize about them though.

    • Thank you for your answer.

  • It wouldn't be a turn off if it was his past and didn't feel the same way now. He can't change his past

  • Yes for me it would be a turnoff I only date straight guys personally, bc not only would I have to worry about my guy looking at susie now I have to worry if he looking at steven no thank you sounds like a hassle. Bt to each his own.

    • You sound like someone with major insecurity problems.

    • Nope not at all I just want my man to be comfortable with his sexuality. I don't want someone that is confused with what they want especially bc I want a serious realtionship and marriage. I hope im not offending u im just giving my honest opinion :)

  • as hot as it can be to see guys make out, unfortunately I wouldn't want my boyfriend to have been one of them. it would make security in the relationship barely there for I would be concerned that you would have an attraction to other men. it's not ideal and I wouldn't be okay with it.

    • Not even if the guy had no sexual attraction to other men?

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    • I just saw that you said it was on drunken dares.. maybe one drunken incident I could move past, but the fact that it is reoccurring would be too concerning.

    • That's understandable.

      For what's it worth those incidents happened around 3-5 years ago and I haven't kissed another guy since I've kissed a few girls though.

      Thank you for answering.

  • Sure. If he is sure he isn't gay, then I don't care about the past.

    • I'm not gay those kisses were just drunken dares, they meant nothing, I got no pleasure out of kissing those men just a few laughs from the group of friends and dirty looks from strangers.

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