How long is the longest break you've taken from dating?

Can you have a healthy relationship if you just jump from one to the next with no pause in between to reflect?


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  • No! Especially if it's a long relationship because you haven't had time to reflect on the previous relationship and what happened and how can you get to know yourself better. Take time to get to know yourself, being in a relationship is not that important. Live the single life for a while :)


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  • I took a 2 year break from dating after my last relationship failed. It definitely helped me to get a clearer perspective of what I wanted and to work on myself.


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  • My first relationship was 5 years ago, and then a short one (which may have been a rebound). I'm single since then, which has been over 4 years now.

    And usually, rebounds (jumping to different relationships without a pause) don't work, and it would be unfair for your partner if he/she is looking for a proper relationship but he/she is just a rebound for you.