How to bring up the dtr conversation?

The guy I've been casually hooking up with for a few months went on holiday last week and while he was away he text me to tell me that I shouldn't see anyone else as I was "his girl". We'd never even discussed this before so it was completely out the blue. I asked him if it worked both ways and he said it did and he hadn't hooked up with anyone else since he'd met me. I asked him what we were doing and he said we'd discuss it when he gets back. How do I bring this conversation up without seeming pushy? We've never discussed being anything more than FWBs and I certainly didn't think we were exclusive. How can I tell him that (and that I've been seeing other people too) without seeming like a massive bitch?


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  • pillow talk


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  • You should be completely honest. You weren't to know. He obviously knew you weren't exclusive up until that point, as he felt the need to tell you not to sleep with anyone else. So you haven't really done anything wrong.