Its kinda weird but like I don't know?

Okay so this guy i like i got my friend to talk to him and tell him i like him he's a grade 11 and she told me "he doesn't know if he likes you or not... then he told her it would be his first girlfriend and he hasn't kissed anyone (i like) but he says the only reason because of that is his parents are very striked and dont want him to date because when they were younger they got pregent at 15 so they dont want that to happen to him... the only thing i dont get is that his younger sister dates a lot of guys and she's only 15 i just dont understand... i feel like he's lying but like he still talks to me a lot and yeah,...


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  • Maybe you should try talking to him. he's probably scared/unsure on what to do. Just talk to him and try to talk him into going slow and steady with you.

  • Ok! Either he's lying and is trying to let you down gently, or he's telling you the truth and can't date because of strict parents. Seems to me you have your answer either way. Don't you think?


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