Does dry air cause asthma?

I'm trying to get to the bottom of what is causing my asthma. I know dogs definitely don't help. It's starting to get cooler out and also the air is more dry compared to our usually 80 percent humidity that we have. I only seem to have problems in my house on days that it's cold outside and the ac hasn't run for a few days. I work in a warehouse all day so I'm pretty much outside all the time and don't have any problems until I come home. Today it's been warm and humid and I don't really seem to be having any problems.


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  • cold air always triggered my asthma- that and the changing of the season.


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  • No. A lot of people with asthma actually move to the desert, in order to breath better. I don't remember what it was called, but someone recently told me that certain plants do something this time of year that effect a lot of people with asthma or other allergies.

    • I remember I had this problem last year around November. It only happens in the house though. On days that the ac is on or the heater is on I don't have this problem. I'll look into the plant thing.

    • Is it ragweed?

    • I don't remember what plant they said it was. I am not even sure if they were right. I suspect there are several different kinds of plants at work. Ragweed might be one of the plants responsible.


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  • kind of weird I just asked a question on dry air too with out seeing this. I would think it would have an effect but that's just my opinion.