What do I do??

Me and this guy have been friends for a while now. both of us are interested in a summer fling, and we both want to have sex. the only problem is, I'm a virgin and he has supposed I'm not. how do I tell him? also, does it hurt the whole time the first time? and how do I make sure he has fun too?


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  • You need just to tell him. You can start off by saying that your sorry you didn't correct him when he just assumed you weren't. Its important to tell him, so he can be gentle the first time. And yes it does hurt but how much just depends on the girl. If you use tampons and/or masturbate it won't hurt as much as girls who don't. But there could be some bleeding the first time. To make sure you both have fun do a lot of foreplay and work up to sex. Take your time and tell him if it hurts too much.

  • Well honesty is the best policy and being a virgin isn't anything to be ashamed of, so just straight outright tell him. That way he'll know to be gentler. I can't speak for everyone but my first time it hurt when he first put it in but it get's better after awhile. And really if he knows it's ur first time he's going to be more worried if YOU are enjoying yourself and he's not hurting u, his own pleasure is probably not important at that moment, Good luck!