Girls - when do you know its time to leave your boyfriend?

Do you look for someone new before you leave?

What signals would you give off to new guy to test the waters?

I'm trying to understand how girls think about this stuff.


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  • It's time to go when you are unhappy more often than you are happy with him.

    It's time to go when you just don't feel an attraction anymore and don't think that will change anytime soon.
    It's time to go when the idea of spending time with him feels more like a chore than something you want to do.

    It's time to go when you don't feel like he is into you anymore and just keeps you around as a sure thing that he doesn't have to put any effort into.

    Those are just a few reasons I can think of. As far as looking for a new guy first, I will tell you that most of the time we plan breakups that we intend to initiate in advance, so by the time we end it we're usually already over you and might be thinking about our other options already. Depends on the girl. Even if she planned to break up a while back, she might not be the type to go looking for another guy immediately. As far as signals to the other guy, seems like they'll usually tell the guy that they are thinking about ending it with their boyfriend, and they're feeling him out as a possibility.

    • Sounds like solid reasoning. Thank you for your candor.


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  • I knew its time to leave when I roll my eyes every time he texts or calls

  • Signal? Eye contact, holding his stare, always smiling at him, if he's flirty then I'll flirt back.

    • Man she sends all these signals, all day. Doesn't mean she's leaving her guy though, apparently =P

    • Maybe not, but she likes the interaction with you. I'm in the same situation at work, but he's married too, and I doubt he's leaving his wife.

  • When letting go seems like a better option than holding on.

  • When I stop getting exicted when he texts me back

    • So you leave your BF because he doesn't make excited when he sends a text? O. O wow? You need to grow up a little. Relationship doesn't always evolve with texting only. And please don't get angry because it is the truth.

    • Really bro why gotten pick on me lol obviously the girl below me know what I'm talking about

    • it's not about the text she's just saying when you are no longer excited to hear from him it's time to chuck your deuces.

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  • Looks like if you suck at texting, then you suck at relationships. I am really surprised LOL