How to avoid friendzone with my best guyfriend?

I'm really good friends with this one guy. We talk all the time, he initiates most of the conversation, we never not have anything to talk about, and he always makes me laugh. He realates positively to me and kind of acts like he likes me. (if our bodes touch he doesn't move away, looks me in the eyes, I caught him staring at me once, he shows off in front of me) I like him and think that he is the best choice of a boyfriend. Problem is, he doesn't seem to notice girls at all. He is fifteen, going/been through puberty, and just seems to be immature in respect to that. In other areas of life, he is very mature. He lost his father when he was five, if that matters to this. Question: If I stay as his friend now, when he matures enough for a relationship, will he see me as a friend or will he want to date me? Also, right now I'm kind of going through a depressive period and talking to him is one of the only things that brighten my day, so losing him as a friend or a boyfriend would devastate me. What should I do?


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  • Flirt, lol, that's all it takes. If he doesn't flirt back, he's not interested. However, I've always thought girls liked having guy best friends... someone they can go to, without having romance involved


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  • So he needs to mature but you are still under 18 as well according to the site which means you both might be in the same relationship maturity level and do not know it. Just tell him you like him. There is nothing like having a girl that likes you but want to wait ( so unfair to him).

  • Tough call.

    You women have it easy. As long as we don't call you the sister we never had, you will always have girlfriend possibilities.

    Potential is a whole other topic.

  • So, do you want his as a boyfriend now or later?


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