Need serious female advice in a tight dilemma with a female crush ( approach her or wait for her to do it)?

ok 2 weeks ago i made out with this girl on our campus parking lot with her friend there and my two friends there before then she would flirt with me heavy like sexual heavy like licking my neck feeling up on me and biting me neck and stuff. any who. a few days later her friend said that she forgot to ask me how the kiss was and stuff. and the girl i made out with she would always tell my friends stuff and not me like so i heard *my name* wants to kiss me again ( she heard from her friend ofocurse) and my friend told me that she randomly brings it up about me like she told him that she was gonna talk to me about the kiss herself, if she wants a relationship right now, and how me and her feel about each other and stuff. now that was a week ago she told him not to me and that this talk was gonna be hard for her, what worries me is that this girl will speak her mind and is never scared to open her freaking mouth haha for example in theater class she sat on my lap and she said she could feel my dick the second she sat down and stayed there but im pretty sure she knows he told me so my question is should i approach her myself about this and ask her that she is suppose to be talking about something with me or just wait for her? i like her but again i dont wanna rush her, but the thing is i dont have a her number yet and after this week the play at our colege will be over and i won't see much of her anymore hahah


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  • I think you should just talk to her like a normal conversation should be like then just get to the point and get her number I mean it's not rude and it's not rushing things it just mean you want to keep in touch with her

  • U should talk to her ur self and c what's really happening and ask for her number


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