I never used any dating tips advice, had confidence, etc to get women yet I'm still successful getting women. Why?

Every woman that I ever dated or been in a relationship with, I always thought she was going to reject me. I never used any dating advice, pick up lines or any so called dating expert formulas and I have extremely low confidence. Even my personality is very poor. Yet I still get women Why?

What's the reason?


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  • Are you very attractive? Could be a bunch of shallow women.

    • I guess.

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    • Anyway, go write a book about how to pick up women with no gimmicks, personality or looks... you will become rich over night!

    • I might just do that.


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  • Maybe there's not actually a "trick" to getting women. Are you attractive, approachable, or funny?

    • According to the so called dating experts and advice givers there is. I never had a good personality nor do I have good self confidence but yet I'm still successful, why?

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    • Lol. No, fairy dust. Like tinkerbell...
      I don't have another solution unless you're insanely sexy?

    • I don't think I'm insanely sexy, but that wouldn't matter because fro what I've been told is that women like personality over looks.

  • because women still like you the way you are. each person is special and nobody is perfect.


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  • Your just act like yourself I suppose.

    • But I don't act like all of the so called dating experts and dating advice givers suggest, and I still get women.

    • Well about half of the stuff they tell you is bs anyway being yourself and being confident are your greatest assets.