Why do men cut women off so suddenly?

I will never understand this. I was in consistent contact with a man whom I met online for two years. We went on a date and everything was perfect, we even kissed and he asked me to text him after. He even wanted to expand the date. After the date, he's been ignoring me cold turkey. It's been a month... he still has me on all of his social media though and lurks at my stuff
Why is he ignoring me and would he ever come back?
Side note: I dated his acquaintance for a while and he didn't know


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  • Usually, when I break things off with a girl it's for several reasons...

    1. We hung out and there wasn't any chemistry
    2. She seemed high maintenance
    3. Don't think she's into me
    4. Thinks she's out of my league
    5. Wasn't hot enough
    6. Life suddenly got very busy... It happens
    7. Met another girl
    8. I realize all the contact is one way (me contacting her). So wait to see if she'll contact me. She never does.
    9. Don't think she puts out (sorry just being honest)
    10. Has bad breathe or BO
    11. She's is moving soon


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  • If I determine things won't work out with a girl, I try to cut things off as early and as painlessly as humanly possible... The problem is, if he's already kissed you and gotten that close, its too late for cutting communication to be an appropriate option for minimizing emotional pain. He should know better than this, so either he'll contact you again soon and clarify his motives, or he's a bit of a punk and someone ought to go give him a swirly.

  • From what I've observed...

    Men will more readily give women the benefit of the doubt in the beginning.

    But, women will more readily give men the benefit of the doubt as the relationship develops.

  • Don't fret, he has no interest, just move on.

    Why do men cut women off so suddenly? Only he can say.

  • If you are sure he enjoyed the date, then I dont understand, try ignore him too for couple of weeks. If he still dont go back to you maybe he moved on, or as my first though, he didn't enjoy the date that much.

  • He's dating someone else.


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  • Cause some of them are just immature. But don't lose faith on him coming back.