Don't know if this girl still likes me?

I have liked this girl I work with for about 2 months, we went out like three times and I felt like it went well, out of the blue she tells me she's not ready for a relationship. I was sad but I figured it was just over. She started calling me a lot and then she would want to hang out at my house. She would write me notes from time to time and so I started writing back. Thing is, nothing has really happened and she will go cold, like she will want to hold my hand one second then pull back. Im just wondering if I have been friend zoned or if she still likes me because I feel like if you say that you don't want a relationship or you just want to be friends, thats what it means but she still keeps this thing going.


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  • Sounds like she's not interested


What Guys Said 1

  • She doesn't like you in that way, she just wants to be friends. Trust me, happened to me, don't delude yourself into thinking she really likes you, but is not admitting it