No more sweet talk, lack of interest?

This is kind of a part 2 to my other question, Long story short I've been dating a girl for barely a month now, over the past 2 or 3 weeks she is been acting a bit different, doesn't text first anymore and often doesn't reply to my texts and always has an excuse why she didn't pick up my call or why she can't hang out. We used to see each other 2-3 times a week on the weekends since she has school, now I haven't seen her in 2 weeks. Her latest excuse is that she is sick which I believe cause she ended up going to the hospital, I found out through facebook. I texted her mom asking if she was ok and she told her that I called so later that day my gf finally called me. On the phone she sounds like the normal girl I fell in love with, but through text its just not the same. Before she would always say Babe, baby, my love, I love you and send hearts and kissy faces but now she stopped. When I try to be sweet and call her baby and tell her I love her she just looks at the text or doesn't say anything sweet back. She did tell me that while sick she wore the jacket I gave her which is a good sign but Im still a bit worried. Is she not into me anymore? is it normal for some girls to calm down after a while? I've been trying to not text her as much anymore to see if maybe I was too clingy, which I probably was at times. What is your guys opinion, anyone experienced this before?


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  • she probably lost interest in you or is cheating


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  • She may just be calming down, but not replying is never cool. You guys have said I love you pretty quickly too! Just try to do something special for her - like a date that she'd love & talk to her about it. Are you guys exclusive? Or just dating?

    • You just brought up a good point, I never straight up asked her to be my girlfriend and we never called each other bf or gf. We agreed to take things slow at first but she did keep hinting that I should make it official (by saying things like "my friends/family keep asking me if we are dating, lol") but know our parents believe its official. Could that be the problem? should I make it official next time I see her (which is hard to tell when that could be) I assumed we made it official when we started saying I love you and started kissing.

    • I'd say sit down & talk to her. Say you've been thinking about it, you really love her & care about her & want her to know you see her as your girlfriend officially. It may be the problem, it may not be but I think if you blunty put it out there she can't shy away from her feelings! Good luck :)

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  • Looks bad, do a f2f, settle the matter, move on if it is over.

    • yeah that's what I wanna do, I would much rather have her tell me its over rather then sit her wondering, it just confuses me because on the phone she sounds like the girl I love but through text its like talking to a friend