Is she interested? Really long but would REALLY appreciate input?

So I always laugh at these type of questions b/c I'm like "talk to her in person and read body language, how engaging she is, etc. but here I am lol! Long story as short as possible: Met a girl, both in college, hit it off really well, we're both inexperienced as hell. We went on a few dates and she was VERY interested and engaged in initiating contact, even setting up a couple dates, etc. I straight up blew the first situation I had to ask for a relationship and I can tell it kind of killed a lot of attraction she had for me. Went a week without contact after that situation (didn't help that I was crazy busy that week), and set up a date over text that went well. Only hung out once briefly afterwards (so twice in the last two weeks) and we have short text convo's every couple-three days. She texts back right away and is somewhat engaging and a little flirtatious but never initiates texting anymore. I've pretty much directly shown I care about her and am interested through texting but I can't tell if she's still interested or just being friendly due to the fact she certainly doesn't quite respond like she did when we first met. What are some of your thoughts? Is she interested? Is not initiating text a sign of disinterest? Just wants to be friends now? Any input would be much appreciated!

*Note One: She is the outgoing, bubbly, friends-w-anyone type of person. Not initiating b/c of shyness or insecurity would not be the case.

*Note Two: Even after we first started talking we wouldn't text much, every other day, maybe 15ish back and forth texts/convo. Pretty sure we both preferred to communicate in person.


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  • I think that she may feel that you aren't interested. So she's trying to make it look as if she's fine being friends.


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  • she could still be interested in you but might wnt to take things slowly but in the meantime show her how much fun you can be and what you would do for her. try to impress and make her laugh.