Does my boyfriend (friend) like me?

My boyfriend and I attend different colleges and when he introduced me to his friends I noticed there was a particular friend looking at me for that whole day. I visit him at his college regularly and his -friend- still stares at me, even when he is talking to my boyfriend he looks at me. Today made it worst because I had to catch a ride with his friend because my ride is down and he asked me about my sex life with my boyfriend. Should I be concerned about this?


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  • Hmm... yeah this other guy has some attraction to you. If he's asking about your sex life, that's pretty weird. And guys usually act weird around girls that they like. So, he very well may like you. So, to answer your question, yeah, I'd be concerned about something.


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  • You should, that seems personal especially if its a friend of your boyfriend.

    I'm assuming you already answered him but I'd keep on alert around him. I'd personally give him the message that you love your boyfriend by kissing your BF in front of his friend.

    • Thank you, but no I didn't talk to him about our sex life. I kiss my boyfriend in from of all his friends but I don't think he cares. I talk to my boyfriend about him but he has so much faith and trust in him that he tells me not to worry. I will continue to watch out for him. Thank you so so much!

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