Female grad student + Male undergrad student = ?

So I'm a graduate student, and I just started my PhD this past fall. Everything has been good in terms of adjustment to a new school and all of that, and right now I'm working towards getting my social life back on track. There is a guy who I have been talking to who I see a few times a week. He's a 5th year senior, so around 22 (I'm recently turned 25), and we seem to have a good connection, at least in a friendly way. It's still really early on to see if this is going to turn into anything, but it could. I guess I'm just wondering if there's anything that I might be missing in how undergrad guys might see or think about female grad students. He's mentioned his being an undergrad to me a few times, almost like he's putting himself down for not being older, which I don't really think is an issue at all. But then again, I've never dated anyone younger than myself before, so this is something new I'm trying to navigate, and I don't want to distance myself from him just because of my education level.

Any insight would be great!

I guess something that I should note as well is that I'm kind of an academic/homebody type just because of the workload I have, whereas he's heavily still ingrained in fraternity life. I'm not sure how that plays in to this whole situation as well. (I was not in Greek life during undergrad.)
When I say "see" I mean actually talking to him a few times a week - no real dates yet.


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  • I see nothing wrong with it at all. Try hanging out with him, then you'll know if you actually like him.


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  • I'd suggest that you have the upper hand in the relationship. He probably admires you but may have doubts about himself. You could be a source of encouragement in his own academic success. Since you see him often enough, it is hard to see a real problem here. I assume you date and so forth.

    But since you have an academic load, maybe this situation could just rumble along as it is for the time being until nature takes its course. Avoid appearing overeager, but invite him out to movies, concerts, et cetera when the opportunity arises, and keep the relationship going.

  • Date the frat boy, see how it goes. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. \

    While my wife and I are the same age, she has many advanced degrees. I only have a B. A. Never has been an issue. My tongue and fingers will outdo most any PhD.

  • Always nice to have a sexual release to relieve the pressures of grad school.

    • Although the greek system is for the mentally/socially challenged.

  • This isn't high school, your both adults, if you like each other go for it.


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