How to get a girl to go out with you after she's flaked the first date but reschedule?

I met a girl on an dating phone app. We msged each other everyday and I was able to get her to agree to a date for Friday. She seemed really interested but the morning of the date I text her a flirty joke which she like but asked me if I mind that she starting feel under the weather. I told her I didn't mind. She later text me what time we were meeting up and I told her. A hour later she text me she might have to pass, and if it was ok we reschedule for the next week. I told her no problem, next week sounded good and hope she feels better. Decided not to text her over the weekend since I decided to make plans and didn't want to bother her. I text her Monday but didn't mention of anything about us going out. I was thinking of giving her another two days and text her to see if we are still on for the date. Should I text her joke? Like "Hey I heard Ebola made it to SoCal. Given your symptoms, our plans might be cancelled" just to get her to respond and then mention something I would like to order at the place we are suppose to go?


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  • Sounds good. If she flakes again though...

  • She canceled so she should name a specific dAte. If she hasn't then she's not interested


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